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Personal History Questions

First in a series of interview questions being answered.  Want the full list?

1. How many years of Design experience do you have?

18 years. 

My professional start in web development was in 1999 where I taught myself HTML in about 3 weeks. The first half of my career focused on development & design (the "how" and "what"), but last 8 years have been focused on design first (the "why" and "for whom").  In a prior career, I was a sound engineer.

2. How many years of Mobile Design? iOS? Android?

5 years of Mobile Design.

Responsive has been a factor in my work since a web project I completed for Sears in 2013 on their Home Services site. Almost every project since then has been informed by mobile design patterns and expectations.

3 years iOS. 

Native mobile products have been less frequent in the projects I've encountered, although we routinely use those well-developed styles and pattern libraries as references.

3. Do you consider yourself a Visual Designer or an Interaction Designer?

I'm not often mistaken for a "Visual Designer," but the distinction is largely a matter of taste and training. All communication has a visual component, so to the extent that I pay attention to those details, I'm a Visual Designer. 

My work on digital products makes Interaction Designer a more suitable job title because it's the interactive experience of using digital platforms that often makes them compelling (or frustrating).  Those details are often overlooked in chasing visually "pretty" aesthetics, but the best products balance those elements and many more.

4. What kind of design projects interest you?

I love projects with rich design problems, with messy challenges and unpredictable humans on both sides of the UI.  Anything that takes a business problem and an insight and puts it to the test of working with live people to try and reach an audacious goal is appealing to me.