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Irritated researchers

I used to irritate my user research colleagues by insisting their efforts were useless without making things actionable. They’d feel uncomfortable, like I was being difficult. Sometimes I felt like it was my problem to make a research insight into something valuable.

I’d ask:
 This is test plan is interesting, but what will we DO differently based on learning this or that? Do you think we should spend (y)our valuable time and then do nothing?

Today I learned I was advocating for simple Decision Analysis. There’s a whole  framework! It’s  clearly related to basic design thinking, and tries to define the problem you want to solve FIRST. Then you can start your research. 

Without commitment from your team that a test or some measure of confidence that A is greater than B means we’re all excited that A is the next step... then there’s no point in trying to measure it further.  The measurement is there to inform the decision.  The decision should be made before you make the test.

I look forward to seeing my next research colleague in this discussion with me. If I earned confused looks before, they’re either going to throw things at me or make me their new bestie.

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